The History of the Bulldog.

The Bulldog, to the best of our knowledge, had its origin in the British Isles.  The
name "bull" was applied because of the dog's use in the sport of bull baiting, which
was extremely cruel.  The original Bulldog had to be very ferocious and so savage
and courageous as to be almost insensitive to pain.

In 1835 dog fighting as a sport became illegal in England.  Therefore, the English
Bulldog had outlived his usefulness and his days were numbered.  However, there
were dog lovers who felt deep disappointment at the passing of the bred, and they
set themselves the task of preserving it.  They proceeded to eliminate the
undesirable fierce characteristics and to preserve and accentuate the finer
qualities.  Within a few generations, the English Bulldog became one of the finest
physical specimens, minus its original viciousness.

We may be justly proud of the Bulldog we know today, and we must express our
gratitude to our British cousins, who realized the value of the English Bull
sufficiently to preserve him for posterity.
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