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Members Brags
From the monthly meetings:  

Corri Long:   "Magnum" ~
GCH Lowrider Jer-Ne's Cocked Locked & Ready to Rock ~
                       received Award of Excellence at Eukanuba.  He's also won two Group 4
                       placements at recent shows.

Patty Shaver: "Skull" ~
Shaver's Going Hard Core ~ was awarded Reserve to Winners
                       Dog from the 9-12 month puppy class 2 of the 3 days at the Greenville

Mildred Dearman:   "Ginger" ~
Jer-Ne's Ginger's Spice of Life ~ won Winners Bitch and
                                Best of Winners at Eukanuba.
                               "Freckles" ~
GCH Jer-Ne's Chiiled To The Bone My Freckled Star ~
 won Select
Patty Shaver:  "Emma" won 4pt major
                       "Leah" Finished
                       "Skull"  Winners
Teresa Jacobs:  Congrats to Corri and Patti on their outstanding efforts at Eukanuba      
showing Magnum, Freckles and Ginger, who are all out of Theresa and Debbie Mayer
breeding.  They did well.